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Welcome to Record Space

 Puerto Rico’s premier one-stop solution for all your media production needs. From video to audio, photography to web design, we bring your vision to life without the middle man. Dive in and discover the difference direct access to production can make



At Record Space LLC, we pride ourselves on being the definitive hub for comprehensive media production services in Puerto Rico. Streamlined, specialized, and direct – we eliminate the need for intermediaries, ensuring that your vision gets the undiluted attention it deserves. Whether you’re aiming for cinematic prowess, sonorous audio, captivating photographs, or a riveting web presence, our state-of-the-art studios and passionate team are on call for your ideas.



Explore Our Craftsmanship: Dive deep into the essence of Record Space LLC’s creations.  Scroll leisurely or navigate directly to a topic of interest using our interactive portfolio. Every piece tells a story.


Our Studios

Nestled in the heart of Bayamon and Santurce, Puerto Rico, our state-of-the-art facilities are more than just studios – they are the epicenters of creativity and innovation. Spread across two strategic locations, we offer 11 meticulously designed studios, each primed for specific production needs.


At the heart of Bayamon, our studios encapsulate a blend of advanced technology and crafted ambiance. Each dedicated space here is a testament to our commitment to fostering the very best in media production:

Santurce - The co.lab Powered by Record Space

In Santurce, our collaboration with the co.lab manifests in a unique blend of shared vision and specialized spaces:


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